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Kaushal, Asha (Submit Author Profile)

Full Name Kaushal, Asha
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Cited by Articles
31 28,212
Accessed (Past 12 Months)
176 7,654
Cited by Articles (Past 10 Years)
31 12,754
Cited by Articles (Past 1-2 years)
4 11,604
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4 results searching for (creator_facet:"Kaushal, Asha") in Law Journal Library. , sorted by "Number of Times Cited by Articles"

Revisiting History: How the Past Matters for the Present Backlash against the Foreign Investment Regime [notes]
Harvard International Law Journal, Vol. 50, Issue 2 (Summer 2009), pp. 491-534
Kaushal, Asha (Cited 31 times)
50 Harv. Int'l L.J. 491 (2009)
Cited by 26 Articles
Accessed 104 Times
The Growing Culture of Exclusion: Trends in Canadian Refugee Exclusions [article]
International Journal of Refugee Law, Vol. 23, Issue 1 (2011), pp. 54-92
Kaushal, Asha (Cited 31 times); Dauvergne, Catherine (Cited 70 times)
23 Int'l J. Refugee L. 54 (2011)
Cited by 5 Articles
Accessed 55 Times
The Migration Footprint: Sex Equality, Competing Identities, and the Migration Continuum [article]
Journal of Law & Equality, Vol. 12, pp. 89-126
Kaushal, Asha (Cited 31 times)
12 J.L. & Equal. 89 (2016)
Accessed 17 Times
The Politics of Jurisdiction [article]
Modern Law Review, Vol. 78, Issue 5 (September 2015), pp. 759-792
Kaushal, Asha (Cited 31 times)
78 Mod. L. Rev. 759 (2015)

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