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Jackson, Janet Thompson (Edit Author Profile)

Full Name Jackson, Janet Thompson
University/Affiliation Washburn University School of Law
Title Professor of Law
# Rank
Cited by Articles
15 57,517
Self-Citations 1
Accessed (Past 12 Months)
34 50,305
Cited by Articles (Past 10 Years)
15 24,822
Cited by Articles (Past 1-2 years)
2 23,170
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4 results searching for (creator_facet:"Jackson, Janet Thompson") in Law Journal Library. , sorted by "Number of Times Cited by Articles"

Can Free Enterprise Cure Urban Ills: Lost Opportunities for Business Development in Urban, Low-Income Communities through the New Markets Tax Credit Program [article]
University of Memphis Law Review, Vol. 37, Issue 4 (Summer 2007), pp. 659-706
Jackson, Janet Thompson (Cited 15 times)
37 U. Mem. L. Rev. 659 (2006-2007)
Cited by 10 Articles
Accessed 5 Times
Capitalizing on Digital Entrepreneurship for Low-Income Residents and Communities [article]
West Virginia Law Review, Vol. 112, Issue 1 (2009), pp. 187-198
Jackson, Janet Thompson (Cited 15 times)
112 W. Va. L. Rev. 187 (2009-2010)
Cited by 3 Articles
Accessed 22 Times
What is Property - Property is Theft: The Lack of Social Justice in U.S. Eminent Domain Law [article]
St. John's Law Review, Vol. 84, Issue 1 (Winter 2010), pp. 63-116
Jackson, Janet Thompson (Cited 15 times)
84 St. John's L. Rev. 63 (2010)
Cited by 2 Articles
Accessed 7 Times
A Mindful Moment [notes]
Journal of the Kansas Bar Association, Vol. 86, Issue 6 (June 2017), pp. 13-13
Jackson, Janet Thompson (Cited 15 times)
86 J. Kan. B. Ass'n 13 (2017)